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Frequently Asked Questions

My loved one has been arrested, what should I do?


If they are not released immediately, it may be they are within the bail system.  Unfortunately, their contact with the outside world is somewhat limited.  Lawyers have access to arrested persons.  Many accused persons use cell phones and may not recall phone numbers.  The bail system has ‘Duty Counsel’ which are lawyers approved by legal aid to assist accused individuals.  ‘Duty Counsel’ are often the life line for arrested persons and contact may be funnelled through them.  Duty Counsel may already have a plan which may include a loved one, so getting into contact with Duty Counsel should be encouraged.


Your research may start with but should not be limited to, including the following link about bail:


How do I retain a lawyer?


The term ‘retain’ can have a few meanings, but essentially in the context of obtaining a lawyer it means establishing a relationship with a lawyer who agrees to act on your behalf.  You will need to ask a lawyer if you can obtain their services for a specific type of law, i.e. criminal defence work.  This will likely lead to a written agreement and to a discussion about cost.


What is the cost of a lawyer?


The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) considers this question in their ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ at the following link:

Your research may start with but should not be limited to the above link.


Typically, I will request a 'retainer' meaning a sum of money to be drawn from as services are used.  Alternatively, I may also charge a one-time 'block fee' which may include the cost of a trial.  Each file is different as some files may require complex charter arguments or the inclusion of an expert.


Some individuals are considered ‘low income’ and their lawyers may be paid for by legal aid certificates which lawyers can choose to accept.


Do you accept Legal Aid Certificates?


I am currently accepting legal aid certificates for criminal law in Halton.  Lawyers must be approved by Legal Aid Ontario to accept Certificates and must agree to accept them.


How do I obtain a Legal Aid Certificate?


Legal Aid Ontario provides legal aid certificates and you should review their website to see if you are eligible for a certificate.  Your research may start with but should not be limited to the following link:


The above links are subject to change and all visitors of this site should not rely on their timeliness.  You sould conduct your own independent research.  The above links are listed to give ‘first steps’ to individuals facing criminal charges.



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